with Nayeli Garci-Crespo

This agreement has the intention of guiding our work together. By contracting me for individual sessions, you automatically consent to the terms set forth in this document.


I see our relationship during sessions as a partnership entered into with the purpose of creating an environment conducive to your self exploration and processing. My priority is for you to feel safe and respected at all times in what can often be a vulnerable process.

My focus as a somatic, IFS, and Havening practitioner is on encouraging and assisting your innate and intelligent inner process at its own pace. During this process, I may make suggestions and invitations, but everything I offer is optional.


The personal information you share during our sessions is confidential. Additionally, you should know that none of the processes we enter into require you to disclose anything that you are not comfortable sharing. We can still do deep work while working content-free (meaning I can accompany your internal work without you sharing specific details). Either way, know that I will receive anything you do wish to share with deep respect and consideration.

This relationship, as well as all personal information (written or verbal) that you share with me as part of this relationship, is bound by the principles set forth in the Association for Coaching’s Global Code of Ethics (with an addition detailed in the next paragraph). I agree not to disclose any information pertaining to you without your prior written consent, including naming you as a reference.* Please note that I maintain a roster of sessions for credentialing and certifications, but no details whatsoever about the content of our sessions appear in this roster. If, even so, you are not comfortable with appearing on my roster, please let me know.

Please rest assured that I will not disclose any suicidal or self-harm intent you or any of your “parts” (in IFS terms) may verbalize without your consent or express request. This is something I feel quite strongly about, due to the unfortunately common use of force and privation of rights by psychiatric, medical, and police services and authorities in emergency situations, where things can easily get out of hand or lead to undesired outcomes. By entering into a relationship for individual sessions with me, you agree to be responsible for requesting and/or obtaining emergency support should you feel you require it.

* Confidential information does not include information that: (a) is generally known to the public or in any given industry; (b) I obtained from a third party, without breach of any obligation to you; (c) I independently developed without use of or reference to your confidential information, or (d) was in my possession prior to you furnishing it.


Because my methods are influenced by somatic and humanistic psychology, it is important to note that there are differences between how I approach individual sessions and psychotherapy that are relevant to this agreement (though there can be overlaps). By entering into this relationship, you understand that our sessions do not have the intention to diagnose or cure any disorder, condition, or medical illness. In fact, I part from the premise that whatever you would like to attend to in our sessions has its reasons for being, vs. considering it a pathology.

I tend towards a non-directive, client-centered stance, and have a deep trust that, even if you’re needing support to connect with it, you have an intelligent inner knowing within your reach to guide you. While I may at times share insights and reflections, and offer suggestions, resources, and psychoeducation when I think it might be of help, I do my best to refrain from giving unsolicited solutions or advice, focusing instead on following and accompanying your own self-discovery and connection.

At times you may desire a different approach (e.g. in the case of needing a diagnosis to obtain accommodations at work or school), and I encourage you to seek alternate professional guidance if you feel you need it. Reciprocally, if at any point I feel the support you need is beyond my current ability, know-how, or field of expertise, I will suggest you seek alternate or additional resources to our sessions.


Within what is possible given the nature of the larger economy, my own wellness, and the costs involved in providing the methods I offer (training, supervisory consultation, certifications, etc.), I aim to make working with me accessible.

My base rates are as follows:

For clients who earn in USD, EUR, or GBP:
$125 USD or equivalent for a 75-minute session
$90 USD or equivalent for a 50-minute session

For clients who earn in MXN or other Latin-American currencies:
$1250 MXN or equivalent for a 75-minute session
$900 MXN or equivalent for a 50-minute session

I also offer sliding scale rates for clients who contract regular sessions (with a 6-session minimum). As someone who has relied on aid for my schooling and wellness, I know this can be awkward to bring up, but please don’t hesitate to discuss this with me, knowing that I will do what I can to accommodate you without judgment and that I will be forthright about my own constraints.

I may periodically revise my base rates and sliding scale to account for increases in costs and inflation. If and when this does occur I will communicate this to you in writing with ample notice.


Payment is due on the day of our session unless otherwise agreed upon. Please contact me for payment options and details.

In consideration of our mutual time commitment to this process, I ask that you please alert me to cancellations or time changes a full 48 hours before our session, and I will do the same (with the understanding that emergencies sometimes happen). I reserve the right to bill you partially or fully for any sessions missed or canceled with less than a 48-hour notice.

In the unlikely event that I miss a session on my end, I will not charge you for the session we reschedule to make up for it.


Please book, reschedule, and cancel your sessions through my calendar service.

You will receive a confirmation and invite to add the session to your calendar, and a link to return to the booking page for rescheduling and cancellations (if not, please let me know!). You will also receive reminders before the session.


Sessions will be held in person at a previously agreed-upon location or by phone, Zoom, FaceTime, or any other previously agreed-upon means. Should any technical issues arise during our sessions, we can work together to resolve them and make sure that we are both satisfied that the terms of this agreement have been met (for example, in the case of a power or internet outage).


For the purposes of this agreement, “telesession” refers to the practice of meeting at a distance via technology-assisted media or other electronic means (video conferencing, phone, Zoom, etc.). By accepting my services, you acknowledge that certain situations including emergencies and crises may not be appropriate to telesessions. You will be responsible for contacting local crisis facilities or emergency services if such a need arises during our work together. That said, I will assist however I can at a distance.


I like to maintain open channels of communication so you can reach me when you need to, and will provide you with an email address and phone number so you can contact me between sessions. That said, please keep in mind that I may not have the capacity to engage with you as fully as either of us would like outside of our contracted session time. Know that you can always book an extra session if you need more time, and contact me if you can’t find availability through my booking calendar as I may have an opening or be able to accommodate you last minute.


I often get asked how many sessions I recommend and with what frequency. Though there is no general answer I can give to this question as every person and situation is unique, I will say that I see inner connection as a lifelong practice and companioning as an ongoing need, much like creative expression and physical exercise (with as many ways to meet them). It’s advisable to come to this process without an expectation of a “quick fix.” At the same time, profound and sometimes rapid shifts and movement can and do happen when we bring attention to ourselves and our needs, so having the willingness and space to hold these and make space for them, especially given the investment involved, is important. It’s best to approach this process with curiosity and openness to whatever may arise, trusting that whatever comes up does so for a reason.

Last updated May 13, 2024