Nayeli Garci-Crespo

Coach somático/de cuerpo-mente especializadæ en procesos creativos y alta sensibilidad, maestræ de meditación, artista/escritoræ y asesoræ creativæ

As a late-blooming being navigating life with a very sensitive and atypically wired nervous system, and as someone who’s never fit neatly anywhere, I have often felt misunderstood and out of pace with the world. I’m very dependent on my environment to be well (I greatly thrive in the right environment, but quickly wither in the wrong one), and, after years of trying to force myself to be different from how I am, I’m learning to embrace myself and to meet my needs instead of fighting against them. This led me to delving into expressive arts, somatic work, trauma-informed meditation practices, and parts work to tune into myself… and eventually to wanting to share with others the methods that most support me.

In choosing the path to do this, I first relied on my experience as an artist and teacher, but quickly realized I would benefit from additional training to meet everything that can come up when we go deeply into ourselves, which led to a second—or is it third? fourth??—career (ah, the plight of the multipassionate!). I gravitated toward becoming a somatic coach and meditation facilitator because I prefer non-pathologizing, non-diagnosing approaches to self-realization and believe deeply in the unity of the bodymind. I also truly believe we each have everything we need to thrive and heal already within us, while we are simultaneously at heart social beings who need to be seen, supported, and valued— beings who face real challenges that need to be recognized. I see my place as a practitioner as witnessing, accompanying, and gently assisting the unfolding of your own unique and intelligent inner process as you navigate this balance.

I am particularly drawn to working with others who, like me, need support with interfacing with the high-paced, extrovert-loving world we live in with a sensitive nervous system or different form of processing, and who are interested in exploring themselves through creative expression. I also care deeply about co-creating a place of pause, play, and respite for anyone who feels like they fall between the cracks in terms of their identity, or who needs a gentler, slower little corner of the world to let down their guard and feel heard and seen.

In addition to giving individual sessions, I love working with groups because of the amplified potential of collective creation and healing and the importance of weaving supportive communities where we can show up feeling whole and free to be who we are.

Métodos y Entrenamiento

  • Entrenamiento en Sistemas de Familia Interna (IFS Institute)
  • Certificada en Havening Techniques®
  • Certificada en coaching somático por The Somatic School (accredited by the International Coaching Federation, this training gathers together a variety of somatic coaching methods including Focusing and Hakomi, methods that place great importance in mindful and loving Self-presence)
  • Certificada en el Proceso de Reconocimiento de Judith Blackstone (ofrezco meditaciones guiadas conscientes de trauma y neurodivergencia que combinan el RP con otras prácticas somáticas)

Nayeli Garci-Crespo es profesionista certificada en Havening Techniques. Havening Techniques es una marca registrada de Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York.

My práctica apoya la neurodiversidad. Aunque reconozco que ser neurodivergente puede ser discapacitante en ciertos ambientes, no considero que sea una patología. Trae tanto obsequios como retos.


Agenda una sesión inicial sin costo conmigo si te gustaría platicar de cómo podemos trabajar juntes. Ofrezco sesiones en línea y en persona en español, inglés, y spanglish.


Flow and liminal states, laughter, play as a process for self discovery and healing, art and art therapy, connection with nature, intuition, lucid dreaming, improvisation, the subconscious, relational/interpersonal neurobiology and neuroscience, systems theory, neurodivergence as a superpower, plant medicine, meditation and mindfulness, mischief and mayhem in the service of co-creating an oppression-free world, shadow work, attachment theory, being more ME so you can be more YOU so we can be more WE.

Background & Recent Training

It would be many years, with a long detour in academia and working in the film & TV industry, among other odd jobs in creative content creation and support, before I cast off the weight of being what Julia Cameron calls a «shadow artist» and finally dared step into my true north and authentic calling: self transformation and healing through creative expression, and creating opportunities for others to explore, embrace, and live in better alignment with their authentic selves (no easy task in the world we live in!).

In addition to being a coach and meditation teacher, I hold a Ph.D. in cultural studies, film, and media from Duke University, an M.A. in Latin American literature from Columbia University, and a B.A. in creative writing and philosophy from the University of Southern California, where I took courses in neuroscience, psychology, paraprofessional counseling (through the USC School of Social Work), and philosophy of mind, and volunteered as an art therapist at a Los Angeles County Community Counseling Services halfway house. More recently, I’ve worked as a creative consultant and have over fifteen years of experience teaching undergraduate university classes and independent workshops in film production and editing, animation, rhetoric, languages, and creative processes.

I am also a writer and artist, and am particularly delighted to have had my artwork featured in the latest Los Angeles County Psychological Association’s Mirrors of the Mind exhibitions. The interface between art and wellness practices is particularly interesting to me because of how much ART SAVES ME EVERY DAY—both having that outlet for myself and through others’ creative practices, from the grand to the miniscule!

I consider myself a lifelong learner and «dabbler» and am always eager to explore, make up, and experiment with methods and approaches that catalyze discovery and aid inner processes. I founded Feral Flow Lab in 2019 to create collaborative spaces for healing and transformation through expressive arts and the body.

Cursos, Talleres y Pláticas favoritas y recientes a las que he asistido

Una lista de algunos cursos, talleres, pláticas y conferencias a las que he asistido, para que te des idea de mis intereses y enfoque. (También quisiera mencionar mi agradecimiento profundo a todos los individuos e instituciones que me han ofrecido apoyo financiero y asesoría en mi crecimiento profesional.)

  • The Embodied Therapist: Deepening Somatic Practices in Psychotherapy, Susan Aposhyan (Academy of Therapy Wisdom)
  • Attachment Theory in Practice: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with Individuals, Couples, and Families, Sue Johnson, (PESI)
  • Entrenamiento autógeno, Harry Pickens
  • EMDR y trabajo de partes para tratar el trauma complejo, Arielle Schwartz (PESI)
  • Flow Speaking, Dave Rock (Being and Doing)
  • Maestría de la cuerpomente: Cultivando una relación dinámicamente co-creativa con tu inteligencia sanadora innata, Harry Pickens
  • La reconsolidación de la memoria: Traduciendo la neurociencia en arte, Jules Taylor Shore (Academy of Therapy Wisdom)
  • IFS Nivel 1, Pilar de la Torre and Imma Lloret (IFS Institute)
  • El tratamiento del trauma complejo con Sistemas de Familia Interna, Frank Anderson (PESI)
  • Entrenamiento y supervisión de terapia de Havening, Elena Kindler (Metamorphosis Havening)
  • Trabajo de partes somático integrativo, Fran D. Booth (The Embody Lab)
  • The Somatics of Intuition: The Art & Science of Flashes, Hunches, and Gut Feelings, Terry Marks-Tarlow (Embodied Philosphy)
  • Advanced Master Program in the Treatment of Trauma (The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine—NICABM)
  • How to Work with Clients Who Are Stuck (The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine—NICABM)
  • Inner Child & Protectors Parts Work, Jay Earley (Embodied Philosophy)

Conferencias, Pláticas, Talleres
  • The Body Leads the Mind: Leveraging the Body-Brain Partnership for Clinical Success, Susan Aposhyan (Academy of Therapy Wisdom)
  • Basic Child Needs in IFS, Jay Earley (Self Capacities)
  • Cumbre de psicodélicos y sanación de trauma (The Embody Lab)
  • Cumbre de sanación con psicodélicos (The Shift Network)
  • Intervenciones en autismo a través del lente de la Teoría Polyvagal: Mejora la participación social, incrementa la regulación emocional, y reduce la ansiedad, Stephen Porges (PESI)
  • Evaluación del autismo a lo ancho del espectro: Estrategias para reconocer diferencias funcionales y cerrar la brecha de género, Ruth Aspy and Barry Grossman (PESI)
Books I've Been Enjoying
  • The Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief, Francis Weller
  • Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain, Antonio Damasio
  • Humanual: A Manual for Being Human, Betsy Polatin
  • No Bad Parts, Richard Schwartz
  • How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence, Michael Pollan


Mándame un correo a si tienes alguna pregunta, o puedes agendar una sesión inicial conmigo a través del siguiente enlace.


Encontré a Nayeli profundamente perspicaz, albergando un espacio para que explorara temas desafiantes y alentándome el desarrollo de mi propio proceso innato. Me ofreció prácticas que me permitieron hacerme consciente de y encarnar partes de mí que habían estado detenidas en mi inconsciente. Me sentí plenamente apoyada y aceptada durante mis sesiones.


Cliente de Coaching

La guía de Naye es magistral; toda su propuesta, amalgama terapéutica de múltiples horizontes que ella ha ido explorando y profundizando, tiene todo tipo de matices: emotiva, meditativa, corporal, intelectual, espiritual, emocional, divertida, confrontadora, amorosa... pero siempre con un claro eje constructivo, asertivo, inspirador.


Participante de Taller

Nayeli es unæ hermosæ ser humanæ cuya fortaleza se encuentra en su honestidad y en la enorme capacidad de compartir y transmitir algo que es un trabajo para siempre, el propio.


Participante de Taller

A lo largo de mi vida he peregrinado por un sin numero de terapias y puedo decir que al fin he encontrado el enfoque con el que resuena mi psique, alma y corazón. Con Nayeli en muy pocas sesiones he podido reconocer situaciones dolorosas que he vivido y que despiertan en automático reacciones o miedos que no me dejan avanzar. Y a partir de ese entendimiento he podido sanar en definitiva eso que me generaba ansiedad, miedo, dolor o que simplemente me jalaba el gatillo haciéndomelo reaccionar de formas inesperadas.

Cliente de Coaching

Nayeli es unæ maestræ en crear un ambiente seguro para que todos puedan explorar y florecer como individuos y como una comunidad mientras atraviesan un proceso vulnerable y poderoso.

Participante de Taller

Tomé el taller para conectar con mi creatividad, con mi artista interna. Nayeli lo llevó de una forma cercana, sensible y fue una guía muy sabia y humilde a la vez. Ha sido un increíble complemento al trabajo que hago por conocerme a mí misma. Cuando se practican los ejercicios que se proponen, se hace una conexión poderosa con el ser creativo y todas sus caras. El esquema solidario y común en el que se desarrolla el taller permite reflejar con amor hasta las caras que no se quieren ver.

Participante de Taller